Hotel Majestic EcoLeader by Tripadvisor

The Hotel Majestic is a proud receiver of the  EcoLeader™ by TripAdvisor® Award, silver level, which helps travellers world wide to program and plan their Green and eco-friendly vacations.

It’s the leaf shaped brand inside the Hotel Majestic page in TripAdvisor to distinguish the award.

“The EcoLeader by TripAdvisor program points out lodging all over the world, who are determined to be environmentally sustainable” says  Ryan Dillon, manager of responsible travel for TripAdvisor.


The EcoLeader by TripAdvisor hotels/lodging answer and fulfill a number of environmental requirements developed for TripAdvisor by a leading environmental consultancy firm, with the support of expert partners like the United Nations Environment Program, the International Tourism Partnership, Habitech, and Legambiente Turismo.

Among the requirements that a hotel need to fulfill are; the reuse of bedding and towels e, the regular monitoring of energy consumption, recycling, the use of energetic light bulbs and raising awareness among its staff and guests and enhance and promote green initiatives.

The more eco friendly a hotel is, the higher the level of the EcoLeader award. The hotels who sign up for the Award are classified in 5 levels; and based on the number and type of green features, the hotel will receive: Eco Partner, EcoLeader Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Silver level, already highly ranked, is just the starting point for us… The Hotel Majestic has for years worked towards an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable future, and knowing how important it is to always try to better ourselves, we pledge to continue down the path taken, to respect and to protect  the environment in which we live and work.

The EcoLeader by Tripadvisor Award is another reason why your should choose  MiMa Club Hotel. Book your eco-friendly vacation at the Majestic immediately!


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Sandro Boni
Sandro Boni
Piero’s twin, he’s the owner and director of the Hotel Majestic. Always caring about his guest’s well-being, he’s an attentive and very cordial host.