Zoo Safari Ravenna: a place for all of the family

The Safari in Ravenna  is a magical place where you can see wild animals up close and without caging; over 700 animals of  more than 100 different species.

It is supposed to be a meeting point between man, animals and the environment, in order to create a more conscious relationship amongst the three.

Let’s discover more together:

  1. Safari:

There are many different animals to be discovered in the Safari area: lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras, hippos, American bison, camels, ostriches, lamas, antelopes, and many others.

You can visit and explore the safari area with your own car, and enjoy the free roaming animals, or with electric car, or take the educational guided tour train.

Thanks to the guides, who spend most of their time with the animals, you will learn the secrets and the curiosities regarding the different species in the park, and that of the singular specimens.


  1. Pedestrian Area:

The Safari area is only a part of the adventure that awaits you; your entrance fee includes access to all of the other areas, reachable by the large pedestrian area:

  • The farm:

In the farm area petting zoo you’ll find ponies, goats, donkeys and other domestic farm animals, all of which you may pet and feed (at the main entrance you can buy peanuts, corn and unsalted popcorn).

You can also become “cowboy for a day,” horseback riding under the guidance of the best equestrian teachers in the Romagna area.

  • Small animals zoo

This is an instructive and fun exhibition of small animals, not commonly found in regular zoos due to their petit size, and because they are often considered out of place. Through ideal spaces created especially for these tiny creatures, we get to observe them in an habitat as close to natural as possible and learning how they lead their lives in pack, and in camouflage.

  • The Baboon Island

Discover the world of the baboons on a railed train ride in total safety.

  • The Lemur Island

Inside the pedestrian area there are many species  from exotic areas; lemurs, kangaroos,  emus, meerkats and many others, often  adopted by the parks and put in realities incompatible with their needs. Here these species live inside the park, in a suitable setting, during the summer, while during the winter, they get transferred to heated recoveries.

Every year most animals give birth to their offspring, even those who are the most difficult to acclimatize, and this is a precious contribution to all of the projects trying to re-introduce endangered species in their natural habitat.

  • Reptile House

The reptile house is in an thermally isolated building that provides suitable temperatures and living conditions to the animals. Each display case has been designed specifically to meet the hosted animals individual needs;  here also continuous reproductions and births are registered.

The reptile house hosts about 50 animals; venomous snakes (i.e. rattle snakes, cobras and golden lance heads) rare African dwarf crocodiles, dangerous common snapping turtles and alligators, large anacondas and several iguanas.

  • Oasis of the Chimpanzees

An incredibile new feature for 2016: a large area of about 1.500 mq all in the open, rich in vegetation, trees and water (other than the internal area of about 300 mq not visible to the public).

You will get the chance of a life time to get to know the 4 Chimpanzees; Fanny, Uschi, Babsy and Peggy and you will get to learn about their complex social and cognitive of our cousins, the monkeys.

  • Food Court and Playground

This area of about 1.200 mq is totally covered by solar panels, and it is where you’ll find the food court, the picnic area  the Safari gift store, bathrooms, the Nursery, playground and the new feature “Safarilandia” full of jumping castles!

piantina parco


Open hours and tickets

Here you’ll find the complete calendar and entrance ticket fees: http://www.safariravenna.it/


At Mima Club Hotel you’ll get discounts on your entrance fee and all of the information needed on how to reach the park (it’s only a 10 minute drive away).

And remember: the park is open even when it rains, and all the areas are accessible!


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Sandro Boni
Sandro Boni
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