Why Choose A Pet Free Hotel

At the MiMa Club Hotel we love and respect pets! They give us much happiness and we love and cherish their company.

However we have always been a Pet Free Hotel: we know that this decision can put off many guests who like to bring their four-legged friends with them on holiday. This is why we want to explain our reasons to you and hope you can understand them!

Less risk of allergies

We have often had guests to stay, adults and children of all ages, who suffer allergies and hypersensitivity to the hair or saliva of pets.

A holiday should be a chance for you to relax and forget your worries but, unfortunately, it often takes very little to ruin your experience. We don’t want this to happen and we imagine you don’t either!

We also want to help people with allergies feel good and ensure that they may have a carefree holiday in our pet-free hotel.

Cleaning of common and non-common areas

We guarantee a high standard of cleanliness throughout the MiMa Club Hotel. It is only natural for pets to moult or leave some “little surprises” as they move about!

The choice not to accept pets in our hotel makes it easier for us to clean to an effective standard, both indoors (in the rooms and common areas) and outdoors (in the car-park and swimming pool).

We want to guarantee clean and comfortable spaces for all our guests!

Relaxation at all times of day and night

The sound of barking dogs can be very annoying, especially when you want to rest or sleep: it is easier to maintain peace and quiet when there are no pets.

If you are on holiday, you no doubt wish to enjoy some rest and relaxation, as do all other guests!

We want to offer you the chance to properly relax, all day and everywhere in our hotel!

A question of safety

We choose not to allow pets in our Hotel so as to avoid any unpleasant mishaps: there are many families who come here for their beach holiday, including those with small children who could upset our four-legged friends!

Some people, instead, can be afraid of pets, possibly because of a traumatic experience with a dog or cat in their past, and it would not be right to let them feel anxious or repeat that experience on their holiday.

Even the most docile pet can react instinctively and we don’t want to endanger either them or our guests!

We are very sorry if you have a pet and had wanted to bring it with you, but we hope and trust you understand our reasons for us to be a Pet Free Hotel!