Our Hotels Close to Pineta

Pineta is the famous VIP night club in Milano Marittima. But not only, naturally! There are many words to describe it: elegant, fashionable, refined, exclusive. But to really understand what it’s all about…you have to go there.

Only while living the pulse of Pineta, and dancing to the  rhythm of the newest coolest music you can really understand why this night club has become so popular.

Don’t miss out on the many parties organized in the night club, you can be sure to spot numerous VIP like soccer players, actors, showgirls and more. This is one of the reasons that Pineta is considered the best night club in Italy!

If you are looking for a hotel close to Pineta, MiMa Club Hotel offers you not one but three!!: the Majestic, the Solemare and B&B Isabella. From these three hotels, Pineta of Milano Marittima is within walking distance!

Our facilities are equipped with all amenities for a relaxing holiday, close to many local attractions, to guarantee magical nights on the Riviera. If you are still not convinced check out our GLAM offer!