September vacations in Milano Marittima

All of the events and the right advice for a fabulous vacation by the beach in September

You didn’t think you’d make it, but here you are: you’ve resisted in the office all of July and all of August, listening to your friends telling you about their great vacations and posting photos on Facebook. Now it’s your turn!

Milano Marittima in September

September is the best month to go on holiday. The temperatures are lower, but it isn’t cold, there’s less people around and therefor less stress and a more relaxed atmosphere, and there’s less traffic! Milano Marittima is ready to greet you with different initiatives and activities to make your vacation by the sea enjoyable.

“Sapore di Sale”: experience the antique tradition of the Salt of Cervia

In ancient times salt was considered the only real method for conserving foods, and for this it was a precious good. The salt from Cervia, with origins from the Etruscan time period, was referred to as the white gold and has since forever strong bonds with the life and identity of the city.

From September 8 to 11 the cultural and  gastronomic event “Sapore di Sale” will be held, dedicated to the Cervia salt, with happenings and activites throughout the town, and the recalling of the ancient tradition of handing out salt to the people.

European Markets: flavors and craftmanship from all over the continent

Do you want to find out about the gastronomic products and the craftmanship from different countries in Europe? From September 16 to 18  in the great market square of Cervia  more than 100 street traders will let you try out their products and specialities from their part of Europe.

Whether you want a waffle or a glass of Sangria, this event is a great occasion to discover new flavors and travel around Europe, if only in your imagination.

Mercatini Europei a Cervia

Guided visits to the Camillone Salt ponds

The Camillone Salt Pond is the last salt pond still in use out of the 144 existing ones since 1959, when the production of salt was industrialized. Still today the same ancient technique, passed on from generation to generation, is used to produce this white gold of Cervia.

Every Thursday and Sunday until mid September you can participate at a free guided visit to the salt ponds, where the production and work is explained, and also the historic importance for the city.

The salt pond is located inside a natural park where you may see Flamingos, Seagulls, Swallows, Butterflies and many other animals.

Sport, sea, relaxation, fun: a vacation just for you

September is the right time to enjoy the peacefulness of the Milano Marittima pine woods for a pick nick or a jog. If you love sports, you can play tennis, golf, beach volley and more.

The Pepperittima Beach Club is waiting for you with all of its services, all throughout the month of September, in order to make your holiday unforgettable. Restaurant and cocktail lounge, private changing rooms, free WiFi, mini club for children, play ground and designated sports courts: you’ll never be bored.

Going on a vacation in September? Relaxation by the beach at a convenient price!

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Angela Bucheli
Angela Bucheli
Angela runs the Solemare Hotel side by side with her husband Piero. She’s also been running the Peperittima Beach Club for 5 years, bringing with her a unique creative touch.