The IRONMAN Comes to Cervia

Do you love sports and do you want to test yourself in an extreme challenge? We will wait for you in 2017!

The summer is over but Cervia and Milano Marittima don’t take a break. In our lovely city we are already planning the 2017 season with big news: on September 23, Cervia and Milano Marittima will host the first full IRONMAN in Italy.

What is the IRONMAN?

The IRONMAN is the challenge par excellence for the lovers of extreme sports, in which the body is pushed to the limits of its endurance. A whole day in which 3.8 km swimming, 180 km bicycle and 42.2 km running follow one another uninterruptedly.

The event was organized for the first time in California in the late 70s as a variant of the triathlon, and nowadays more than 130 events like this are organized every year all around the world. At each challenge you can qualify for the final, which will take place in October in the Hawaii, where the world champions will be crowned.

The IRONMAN usually starts at 7 am and the organizers agreed upon a maximum duration of 17 hours. However, the current records are much lower: 8 hours and 3 minutes for men and 8 hours and 46 for women!


The IRONMAN in Cervia

The IRONMAN in Cervia is the first event of this kind in Italy, a unique opportunity not only for the 3000 Italians who participate to these challenges every year, but also for all the athletes who have always dreamed of taking part to this unforgettable experience.

The challenge will begin on the 23rd September in Cervia beach with a circular route of 3.8 km, which offers the opportunity to take a short cut after 2 and a half km. The 180 km bicycle ride will lead athletes to explore the hills of Emilia Romagna, the land of Sangiovese and the saltworks.

The challenge will finish with a 42.2 km flat running in the pine forest of Milano Marittima and along the streets of Cervia.

Would you like to compete in a triathlon competition, but you don’t feel ready for such a supreme effort? In Milano Marittima, we are waiting for you too! On Sunday, the 24th of September, the triathlon 5150 will take place: 1.5km swimming, 40km bicycle ride and 10km running: it is the perfect opportunity for everyone who is approaching this sport!

A trip to discover Cervia and Milano Marittima

The IRONMAN will be a unique opportunity to discover our territory: you can visit the ancient saltwork of Camillone and admire the salt workers, who extract salt using methods that have been handed down from generation to generation for centuries.

The pine forest of Milano Marittima is a wonderful place for anyone who wants to relax walking or riding away from the crowded beaches, and for people who want to have a picnic with their families.

How can we forget the sea and the glamorous life, which make our city unforgettable? During the day you can relax in our Peperittima beach or have fun, trying new water sports.

In the evening, you can celebrate until dawn in the trendy pubs in Emilia Romagna.

And you, do you want to test yourself in this incredible challenge? Registration is now open on the website.

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Sandro Boni
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