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I have always been drawn to, and interested in yoga, so when the local gym that I go to started with yoga lessons, I signed up right away! It’s been 12 years since then, and I have no intention of ever quitting!

Everybody can do yoga and benefit from it, no problem. Men, women, children and elderly, there’s really not limit. You need to start out with some lessons from skilled teacher, yoga “do it yourself” is not something I advise.


I do Ashtanga yoga, the eightfold yoga path, is a type of yoga that focuses on your breathing, and the benefits are immediate; it improves your respiratory condition, and stabilizes your vital energy. Your muscle poker increases and you will be more flexible and  agile. Ashtanga yoga calms the mind, induces concentration and it will make you feel sharper.  Further it increases you capability of relaxing yourself, reducing stress and muscular tension. I always have a million things on my mind; worries and thoughts, and most often I arrive at the gym feeling really nervous and on edge, but after a yoga session it all changes, I come out feeling like a new man.

Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga) is a type of yoga that is practiced in a heated room (38°C/42°C). The heat warms your muscles and make them more flexible, and this reduces the risk for strains and injuries while stretching. Hot Yoga increases the artery mobility, your body will get rid of unhealthy toxines, your metabolism will be boosted to burn fat and slow down your natural aging process. All of your body’s organs will benefit from this kind of yoga, so there really is no excuse; you have nothing to lose!

I once read in an article a really cool thing about yoga;  “You are never too sick, never too old or too young, or too lazy, it is never too late to start doing Yoga. Yoga is an ancient medicine, proven since thousands of years, to overcome with its practice the most common human evils. When science fails on a person, yoga will help.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, it’s exactly how I see it!


If you want to try a yoga session while you’re on vacation with us, come and talk to me about it!

The local gym “FBI” have classes all year round, and as a guest at mima club hotel you have reduced fee on classes, and free entrance to the weights room.


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Sandro Boni
Sandro Boni
Piero’s twin, he’s the owner and director of the Hotel Majestic. Always caring about his guest’s well-being, he’s an attentive and very cordial host.