Sport & Wellness

Are you looking for a Sport Wellness hotel in Milano Marittima? MiMa Club Hotel helps you with your holiday!

Hotel fitness in Milano Marittima is a MiMa Clu Hotel unique expression of well-being, relaxation and entertainment featuring free access to our Expression Club and special rates for Terme di Cervia Spa Centre for a relaxing and friendly holiday by our hotel fitness in Cervia.

MiMa Club hotel fitness in Milano Marittima is a Adriatic Seaside relax hotel offering you a Holiday & Fitness Package including:

• fitness room (body building and cardio fitness)
• gym and keep-fit courses (step-gym, aerobics and muscle toning)
• 20% discount on spinning, personal training and personal coaching services

Spend your holiday in Italy running on the beach, playing beach volley, simply taking the sun and making some sport in the great fitness room in our hotel fitness in Milano Marittima!

You will be in the best of health. After some hours of sport, you can relax yourself in the swimming pool or eat some italian typical products such as Piadina Romagnola or pasta.

Moreover, hotel fitness Milano Marittima offers you other special offers such as:

• tennis package: for tennis lovers
• golf package: for golf players
• Spa Terme di Cervia: to relax yourself in a beautiful Spa

Contact us right away to have more information about your amazing Italian holiday in our hotel fitness in Cervia, we will answer as soon as possible!

19 November 2016

Swimming, running, riding: 184 km and 17 hours to complete the challenge. On Septemper the 23rd the first IRONMAN full in Italy will take place in Cervia.

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27 May 2016

If you love riding your bike, you just have to try DigiBike® at least once: it’s a fantastic idea that puts digital and interactive maps over bike routes available online through your smart phone or bike navigator.

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17 May 2016

The benefits of golfing are many: you get to be outside, you move around, you can play with or against whomever you like without considering age, gender, or even skill level. Anybody can learn to play it.

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19 April 2016

“You are never too sick, never too old or too young, or too lazy, it is never too late to start doing Yoga. Yoga is an ancient medicine, proven since thousands of years”. Discover and try it with Sandro.

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9 April 2016

On May 15th the first International Salt Eco Marathon in Cervia and Milano Marittima will be held, a unique event not to miss if you have a passion for running. A kind of journey that you have to experience.

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23 February 2016

Doing sports has become very popular and “in”, but it’s also a great, healthy way to live, a free anti-stress that produces endorphins! The game is fast and fun, and Paddle Tennis can be played by anyone!

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16 February 2016

In 2016 Cervia will organize its first ever Eco-marathon “del Sale” from May 13 to 15 with an amazing off road trail through salt ponds and pine woods in Cervia and Milano Marittima.

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17 September 2015

We already talked about the music history that characterizes the Romagna in the previous post. But who has led it to be so famous all over the world? Today we tell the story of Second and Raul Casadei, the fathers of this dance style, so cheerful and typical. Who was Secondo Casadei? Casadei was born […]

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14 September 2015

  Most people in the region know Romagna’s “Smoth dance” or Liscio, but not everyone knows the proper steps to dance this cheerful and dancey version of more classical dances such as waltzer. Romagna’s smooth dance is a set of dances for two dancers, born in the Romagna region  between the late 1800s and early 900, […]

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7 September 2015

In Milano Marittima there are many opportunities for sports,  in order to keep exercising during your holidays. Discover Running The easier and more versatile sport:  runing. In Milano Marittima you can findbeautiful locations for a daily jog, such as the nearby pine forest,always cool and relaxing, and the beach, especially at dawn and sunset. Fitness […]

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