The Christmas lunch in Emilia Romagna

Cappelletti, passatelli, cotechino and many types of cakes: at Christmas the traditional cuisine wins

Cappelletti ( little peaked hats of pasta filled with a savory mixture), Passatelli (pasta made by bread crumbs, eggs and Parmesan cheese), Cotechino (Italian charcuterie product, similar to salami but requiring cooking), plenty of desserts: at Christmas the traditional cuisine wins.

One of the features that visitors, both Italians and foreigners, envy us when they are on vacation is our cuisine. Parmesan cheese, tortellini, tigelle, ragù (meat and tomato sauce): in Emilia Romagna you can find something for every taste!

The Christmas lunch with your family is always an occasion of celebration where you can relive memories with delicious recipes that are handed down from generation to generation. Everyone has a favorite dish that they can’t absolutely give up!


Cappelletti in broth

A Delicious type of stuffed pasta, the Cappelletti are similar to little tortellini (ring-shaped pasta). The dough is the same everywhere, simple sheets of pasta obtained by mixing eggs and flour, however or the filling every family has its own recipe. The Emilia area usually uses different meats, while the Romagna area prefers a mix of Parmesan and other types of cheese.

In my family, the appointment is always the Sunday before Christmas: we prepare together the cappelletti, than we freeze them until the 25th of December and in this occasion we cook them in capon (a male chicken) broth.

And passatelli in broth

Made by mixing eggs, bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese, this type of pasta is realised only with a special instrument which gives it the classic tubular shape.

Cotechino with lentils

A product made with minced pork, the cotechino looks like a salami and it’s slowly cooked in a pot of water for a couple of hours. During the cooking process you have to remember to pierce the cotechino with a wooden skewer, in order to let the fat come out.

Last but not the least: desserts, cakes and pastries!

weihnachtshaeuser casette

Although we can’t turn down a toast with wine and a slice of panettone, the typical Italian Christmas cake, in Emilia Romagna we have other traditional recipes:


It’s a round, chocolate cake typical of the area of Ferrara, in the north of the region.
Legend has it that the first version was prepared by the convent of Corpus Domini cloistered nuns, who sent it to their superiors as a Christmas gift. It is made of food that back then was considered very valuable, such as dark chocolate, orange peel, almonds, honey and candied fruit, and once prepared it will keep for a long time – unless you finish it first!

Biscione Natalizio (Christmas Snake)

A typical dish of Reggio Emilia, this Snake is a cake made from simple ingredients, loved both by children and adults. Almonds, sugar, eggs, create a snake-shaped cake that folds in on itself.

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Angela Bucheli
Angela Bucheli
Angela runs the Solemare Hotel side by side with her husband Piero. She’s also been running the Peperittima Beach Club for 5 years, bringing with her a unique creative touch.