A typical Italian Red Wine: Sangiovese wine


The Sangiovese grape, one of the most popular in this area, is a symbol of the Romagna Region.

Its dark ruby color, delicate aroma with wildflower tones, and its dry, harmonious and faintly bitter taste are its distinctive features.

Its origins are traditionally linked to the hilly regions of inner Romagna: his name stems from Mount Giove, near the town of  Santarcangelo di Romagna. After all, with its gently rolling  hills, its sunny and mild weather and its rich soil, Romagna offers the best possible conditions for the production of Sangiovese-based wines. Many renowned wineries can be found in  the hills surrounding Cesena and Forli.

All around the Romagna region this wine is very appreciated, and it can be found everywhere ranging from the very best wineries to street bars.

Sangiovese is a full bodied red wine, usually consumed with red meat and venison.

At the time of grape reaping, usually in October, in the outskirts of Cervia-Milano Marittima a Sangiovese based celebration takes place in Cotignola. Taste it with a hearty dish of Cappelletti or Orecchioni: you won’t regret it!

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