How to make a kite with Easter Egg paper

Think green: How to make a kite with Easter Egg paper

Easter going to bring lots of chocolate eggs! Today we will show you a fun and smart way to recycle the wrapping paper of the Easter eggs; making your very own kite!


Materials needed:

  • Easter egg wrapping paper – well ironed (leave it for a day under some heavy books!)
  • Wooden sticks or bamboo poles
  • Scotch tape or glue
  • Fishing wire
  • String


collage aquiloni


How to do:

Cut the wooden sticks or bamboo poles so that one is longer than the other, then position them in a cross. Glue the two sticks together and tie it firmly with string. On the end of each stick, make a small cut that the string can pass through.

Run the string through the cuts on the end of each stick in order to form a diamond shaped structure. Place it on the Easter egg wrapping paper and cut the paper all the way around, leaving a 1-2 cm wide margin. Fold the margin over the string and close off with scotch tape or glue.

Cut a piece of string about 10 cm longer than the vertical stick and tie it to each end of this stick. Now do the same thing with the horizontal stick. At the cross where these last two strings meet, tie the fishing wire that you will use to fly your kite with and roll it up un a piece of wood.

If there is some wrapping paper left you can make a colorful tail to your kite; cut paper strings about 1 inch wide and attach with scotch.

Your kite is ready, now all you need is some wind! Are you ready to burn off some of all that chocolate?

From April 22nd to May 1st 2016 the 36°international Kite Festival will be held in Cervia, and mima club hotel has a room waiting just for you! Come and visit us…and bring your kite!


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Angela Bucheli
Angela Bucheli
Angela runs the Solemare Hotel side by side with her husband Piero. She’s also been running the Peperittima Beach Club for 5 years, bringing with her a unique creative touch.