Bunkers and other WWII traces in Milano Marittima


Bunkers and other WWII traces in Milano Marittima

The WWII has left its traces also in Milano Marittima, did you know that there are numerous remaining bunkers?

The Bunkers were built by the Germans with the objective to protect the Eastern part of Gothic line, to prohibit allied troops to penetrate along the Adriatic. Close to the were the beaches are today, you’d find barbed wire and minefields.

Inside the bunkers  cannons and machine guns were installed, although none of them were  actually used as there  never was  an attack from the sea.

The bunkers in the area are almost all of the “Tobruk” design.

We’re sure that during your strolls around Milano Marittima you have seen several of these bunkers without even knowing it! Many, in fact, have been incorporated in hotels and private houses, while other WWII traces are still visible to this day!

Behind Hotel Titano and the beach establishment Peppino, and also in several other locations, you can find the frequently used defense line with raisor sharp cement and iron heads, all close together to form a wall, more commonly known as “dragon teeth.”

Locals and friends of the  www.cerviaemilanomarittima.com have together with the reseacher Cortesi found several things relative to the bunkers, discover them all through this link!

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Sandro Boni
Sandro Boni
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