Our steps to ensure our guests’ safety and well-being

Health comes first!

We are going through a very difficult health situation relative to the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
At the Hotel Majestic and Solemare we will do all that is possible to ensure our guests’ holiday safety and serenity.

This page gives you an overview of the measures we are taking and some frequently asked questions. All information will be updated according to developments in the situation and legal provisions.

What you need to know if you already made a reservation or are planning to make one:

  • The cancellation policies change according to the period of stay to guarantee our customers greater booking flexibility.
  • If you have a reservation in our hotels, and don’t know if you will be able to travel, don’t cancel: you always have time to change your reservation, contact us and we will find the best solution together.
  • We give all our customers the opportunity to change the dates of stay while maintaining the same terms of sale to the original booking.
  • In the event of cancellation, a voucher equal to the amount of the deposit – valid until the date to be agreed with the property – will be issued.
  • In the case of an extension of the lock-down under the date of stay, cancellation is always free.

Let’s continue with our good habits!

The health and safety of our guests and staff is our top priority. For us, cleanliness has always been a fundamental element. However, we have implemented additional hygiene and cleaning policies to provide a safe and healthy environment for both guests and staff.

  • Increased cleaning and hygiene protocols
  • Ozone-treated sanitization of rooms and common areas
  • Use of medically certified cleaning products
  • Distributors of disinfectants in public areas
  • Regular disinfection of exposed surfaces
  • Reorganizing environments to ensure safe distances


Are the managers of the accommodation facilities obliged to verify the possession of the green pass for each customer (ITALIAN AND / OR FOREIGNERS) who intends to stay at the facility?

NO. The managers of the accommodation facilities are not only not obliged to verify the green pass of each customer who stays in the structure, but they are not entitled to this type of control.

To stay in the accommodation facilities the current regulations do not require the possession of the green pass. Can the managers of the accommodation facilities choose to allow the stay only to customers in possession of the green pass?

NO. Paragraph 10 bis of Article 9 of the decree-law of 22 April 2021 no. 52 establishes that the green certifications COVID-19, the so-called “green pass”, can be used only in some specific cases, which do not include a stay in accommodation facilities.

Can hotel guests access the restaurant services reserved for hotel guests, even if they do not have a COVID-19 green certification?

YES. Customers of an accommodation facility can access the catering services offered by the facility exclusively for its customers, even in the case of consumption at the table in an indoor venue, without showing a COVID-19 green certification. If, on the other hand, the catering services of the accommodation are also open to customers who do not stay in the structure, access will be reserved only to those who, customer of the structure or external customer, are in possession of a green COVID certification. 19, in case of consumption at the table indoors.

Is the green pass necessary to access the outdoor catering services of an accommodation facility?

NO. The green pass is not necessary for consumption at the outdoor table, neither for accommodated customers nor for non-accommodated customers.

Are children required to have a green pass to access areas that are closed to those without a green pass?

NO. The obligation to show the green pass does not apply to children under the age of 12 (as they are excluded by age from the vaccination campaign).

 Can subjects exempt from vaccination access the areas reserved for those in possession of a green pass, even if they do not have one?

YES. Provided that they are in possession of the medical certification of exemption from the SARS-COV-2 vaccination “.

Can the manager of an accommodation facility delegate an employee or a third party to verify the possession of the customers’ green pass, when this is necessary?

YES. Article 13 of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 17 June 2021 allows the owners of accommodation facilities to delegate the verification of the green pass. The delegated subjects must be appointed with a formal act containing the necessary instructions on the exercise of the verification activity.


Are you coming from abroad and are not sure what precautions you need to take? Fill out the questionnaire of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have all the updated rules on your particular case: https://infocovid.viaggiaresicuri.it/index_en.html


To defeat the Covid-19 we will be cautious, we will often wash our hands, we will smile behind the masks and welcome you with all of our warmth at six feet away!

That doesn’t mean we are going to stop. We will be attentive to every gesture, but we will welcome you with our hospitality of all time.

Boni Family