“La Casa delle Aie” di Cervia Milano Marittima

casa delle aieThe Casa delle Aie  was founded in 1778, and today it is one of the most famous restaurants of romagnolic cooking in Cervia, Milano Marittima and its surroundings.

It’s a story of conviviality and passion for the typical cooking of the Romagna region that has lasted since 1955.

Originally a farmhouse surrounded by numerous courtyards, (the “threshing floor”, from which it takes its name), eventually passed from hand to hand until it became an infamous restaurant, known  for its typical dishes of Romagna, such as cappelletti and strozzapreti made ​​by hand by the typical pasta making ladies also known as  the “azdòre”. The area is also known for its wines – Sangiovese, Brunello, Trebbiano, .. – that still make the Casa delle Aie a temple for gourmands and connoisseurs of local cuisine.

Casa delle Aie is a simple restaurant, very cheap, and for that is considered one of the most important one. If you want to discover the romagna’ traditions, Casa delle Aie is the place you were looking for.

Try Cappelletti! They are the best one

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Piero Boni
Piero Boni
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